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THeir kids are wonderful , he is a terrific father and she is not a nice person, but seems to be a great mother, separately. Anonymous , March 30, 1:
After marriage and with the birth of children, people usually have a religious awakening and that's when the conflicts start. In a community still enveloped by post-Holocaust trauma, "marrying out" is seen as granting Hitler a posthumous victory. But he still had one last trick up his sleeve. The tragedy is that in the vast majority of cases people intermarry and assimilate without knowing what Torah Judaism is all about. We are not a people unto ourselves:

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Age: 28
Weight: 165
Height: 50
Size: 2
Thank you so much for so honestly reaching out. He wanted to know what was wrong with American Jews. What are you talking about?
You are the mind that is "closed", closed to history, logic, and understanding of Judaism. As a non-Jew who engages a lot with Jews, I find this confusing. I would be interested to see what percentage of Jews who go to day school and identify themselves as "traditional" marry out. How do we put a little Yiddishkeit into our homes? In fact, I'm proud of it, and your response only strengthens my resolve. It's just trying to beat discrimination with more discrimination.
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