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The classification of recovered memories: These data suggest that individuals can counteract memory distortions potentially associated with guided imagery, at least under some conditions. Do you want to read the rest of this article?
Croix February 4, Do you want to read the rest of this article? Recent changes to the law in New Zealand have led to a marked increase in experts being called to give evidence in cases of alleged child sexual abuse. What we should learn from it, other then staying safe, is to not be judgmental about whose profile we are seeing. Two experiments provide evidence for differences between free recall and more directed recognition or cued recall test conditions in the accuracy of memories for previous recall. Jul Appl Cognit Psychol.

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Although individuals often retain memory for trauma, there is evidence for fluctuations in the accessibility of traumatic experiences, and mechanisms are available to account for both decreases and increases in accessibility of traumatic memories that could lead to recovered memory reports.
The authors' approach draws on cognitive principles and uses as much methodological rigor as possible, but, it ultimately relies on the imperfect sources of data that cases afford. We benadrukken de behoefte aan solide, consistente en repliceerbare classificatiecriteria. Four cases of discovered memories of childhood sexual abuse are presented. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One characteristic of the cases is the cues that elicited the discovered memories all had some significant correspondence to the original experience. The main conclusion of the paper is that autobiographical memory of traumatic events as a whole does not differ more than in a few dimensions from other types of memories, although everyone can distinguish them individually. Ss were queried regarding the memory discovery experience, their perceptions regarding the prior extant of forgetting, the existence of any sources of corroboration for the event, and the existence of any sources of corroboration of the forgetting.
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