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Age: 25
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You go up to the mac turret and walk over the Emiles dead body and melee it and it will show his armor do all the lights like when you get hit its pretty cool but you can only do it once. You have a shotgun and a magnum but use the shotgun.
Go to the other one you made and press 'delete all of these' and go back to normal. This can only be done offline. You should still have the credits you earned. If you play through any mission with Jun with you he may say "What, you don't like my cooking? If you return to the dance club after you clear it out Hunters included then a Brute DJ will be spinning records, a Brute tends the bar and Grunts get freaky. Jun 12, Messages:

What is the fastest way to level up in Halo Reach?

Age: 31
Weight: 171
Height: 52
Size: 3
You Blew It Up! Run up the ramp to the west and jump onto the little wall to the north that wraps around to the road leading south. Finally, throw a sticky grenade on top of the Falcon and stand on the grenade.
Fiendly fire won't take it away. Before you begin your switch hunting, eliminate all the enemies in the first area. You may want to take a vehicle along, to serve as a jump-pad like the deployable shield in Halo 3. They appear in some levels and then quickly vanish into thin air if you don't kill them. Halsey's lab at the end of the level.
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