Breastfeeding while dating

Age: 33
Weight: 165
Height: 46
Size: 3
If you want, I can ask dh what his thoughts were on the whole thing. I agree with the whole idea that if he is the right one he will be fine. I had the same thought two mornings ago.
I swallowed hard, then told him. I didn't have an issue leaking either but when I would have sex and exclusively pump my boobs would get rock hard and leak like crazy. It's not his decision.. How is he going to feel when you start nursing the new baby? You may or may not leak; you can always keep your bra on.

Breastfeeding & Dating

Age: 32
Weight: 166
Height: 50
Size: 2
He doesn't seem phased by it in the least
The guy I'm now seeing has had no experience with children, let alone nursing When I met my DH, I was a single mom of an almost 2 year old nursling and an older child. I've done dating and nursing, but in my case the "dating" ended up being a friend of mine so that makes it a little different You could tell him the benefits of breastfeeding. He shouldn't even ask you to stop, that's not his decision to make. I swallowed hard, then told him. I think more intimate times are soon to come and im wondering if its weird because im still breastfeeding?
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