Do you hook up red or black first

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Assuming that you've done all of the above, proceed to disconnect the cables. We recommend fully charging your battery at the first opportunity after its being jump-started.
Attach one red clamp to the positive terminal on the dead battery. However, it's best to check your battery markings just to be on the safe side. First, you must find a functioning car to use for the jump-start. Then, follow the same steps with the positive cable. If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe them off with a rag or wire brush. Start the car with the charged battery.

How to Replace Your Car Battery

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If the battery should be working well, you should consider other possible problems with other components, including:. Maybe you hear a few clicks.
You can use the metal frame of the vehicle. Now, begin attaching the jumper cables: You can now go ahead and remove the battery from its place. Then, use an old rag or towel to pat the battery and clamps completely dry. Start the Car Start the car with the charged battery. This distinction is crucial to the success of your jump. Now, before you rush at the poor battery with your combination wrench or socket and ratchet, a few words of advice.
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