Dating like prostitution

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In the end, a materialistic dating culture is little different to prostitution, imho, especially where there is little love or equality involved. But you need to —prepare to take a stand first. My wife has been an invalid for 4 years and sex is no longer a proposition.
I do it every day! My sample size could be a lucky one. I do agree that there are SOME women who are kidding themselves into thinking they aren't prostitutes. However, the imbalance of power that the sugar daddies have and the financial need of a large percentage of sugar babies can often lead to the daddy being able to get sex for their money.

Sugar babies and prostitution: is there a difference?

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What a sad commentary on some of these women!
J ust for money? Does that make us prostitutes? I have been seeing prostitutes for around 4 years. Advertisements Aren't women who are 'gold diggers' kinda just like prostitutes? I'm sure alot of casual sex is because of the sheer enjoyment of sex, of course, but sitcoms etc in particular portray it as women letting men have their way with them for some sort of self-absorbed materialistic benefit on their part sick of those tired old stereotypes, it only makes the percentage who are like that bigger. Few men I date let me kick in for the check.
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